Discovery & Dissemination Committee (D & D) is the unifying structure for care improvement and research efforts, and Collaborative home for incubation of innovative ideas. This structure is intended to provide support for our transformational work. The intent of the Discovery and Dissemination Subcommittee is to manage scarce resources, support shared learning, and align Collaborative-led efforts resourced by the PMO with HVHC priorities.

Scientific Committee (SC) optimizes Member value by facilitating, supporting, and ensuring the scientific integrity of HVHC work products including measure stewardship.

Date Governance Committee (DG) optimizes the value of data for HVHC Members and facilitates secure and appropriate access to data in support of collaborative-led and Member-initiated projects.

Advocacy & Affinity Groups Committee (AAGC) provides a structure to allow the HVHC to advance specific creative ideas to stimulate legislation, regulation and sustainable payment to support healthcare models that foster value. Affinity Groups that are created in the HVHC by approval of the HVHC Executive Committee provide specific interactions with HVHC Member organizations that help support achieving the HVHC mission as well as individual Member organization needs.

Finance Committee is responsible for recommending financial policies, goals, and budgets that support the mission, values, and strategic goals of HVHC. The committee also reviews HVHC’s financial performance against goals and proposes changes in fees and programs to the board.

Program Management Office supports the work of the HVHC through Clinical Program Management, Member Account Management, Governance and Program Management, Analytic Services & Research, I/T and Data Management, and Operations services.