Data Transparency

An element that distinguishes HVHC and provides powerful benefits to our Members involves access to and handling of data.

Housed at Dartmouth College, our highly secure, carefully designed system for receiving, processing, and analyzing data allows our Members to:

  • Engage in a wide range of studies of many different health conditions
  • Identify target areas of variation and best-practice care
  • Assess impact of HVHC projects, using market data for comparators
  • Access data for IRB-approved research
  • Longitudinally benchmark value-based measures across HVHC Members
  • View comparative analytics through interactive, web-based reporting portal

Data Types and Uses

The HVHC Program Management Office (PMO) currently maintains six types of data from sources on secure servers. The PMO also regularly processes reference data from various sources (such as the Medicare Provider of Service list and the American Hospital Association) to support analytic and Data Operations activities.

Data Types

The PMO maintains a Data Trust environment with multiple levels of control to allow for appropriate data processing and analytics while determining access to sensitive data. The Data Trust has been developed to support the secure transfer and processing of data to inform HVHC projects.

Data Uses

Loading Files to the HVHC Data Trust

Member- and vendor-submitted data: This information is submitted via Secure File Transfer Protocol. When the PMO receives the files, they are automatically pushed to a secure, hidden environment for PMO Data Operations staff to retrieve. Member Data Operations personnel cannot retrieve or view files after the upload. The PMO Data Operations staff loads data to the HVHC Data Trust from this hidden environment.

CMS-provided claims data: The PMO Data Operations staff manually loads data to the HVHC Data Trust from physical media or other methods specified by CMS. Any physical media sent to the PMO are safely stored in a secure environment in the PMO offices.

Vendor-provided Member survey data: The PMO downloads survey response data through a secure login to a third-party online platform. PMO Data Operations staff then loads data to the HVHC Data Trust.

Accessing Files in the HVHC Data Trust

Virtual private network (VPN): PMO or Member analysts can directly access data marts using this network.

HVHC reporting portal (Vantage): HVHC Members or PMO staff can log onto this online interactive data visualization tool and view data securely.

Data Management and Security

HVHC maintains a comprehensive Data Management Plan in accordance with CMS data use agreements and an Information Security Program Plan, all available for review on HVHC Member Workspace.