HVHC hosts bi-annual conferences each Spring and Fall. These gatherings are highlights of the year, giving Members a chance to work face-to-face and share progress on a wide variety of projects. Teams from every system come to learn from one another, developing and maintaining the relationships with valued peers at the heart of HVHC’s collaborative work.


Some moments from our Spring ’17 Conference held in Washington, DC, May 3-5.

Guest Speaker

We often start with a keynote speaker or panel of experts addressing an important theme in American healthcare. This year’s Keynote speaker was Victor Joseph Dzau, MD, President, National Academy of Medicine who delivered the conference keynote presentation on population health. Dr. Dzau is an internationally acclaimed leader and scientist whose work has improved healthcare in the United States and globally. His insights set the stage for our Population Health Summit session.

Prior speakers include: Michael J. Barry, MD, President, Informed Medical Decisions Foundation, Carolyn M. Clancy, MD, Director, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patrick Conway, MD MSc, Deputy Administrator for Innovation and Quality & CMS Chief Medical Officer; Matthew R. Handley, MD, Medical Director, Quality and Informatics, Group Health Permanente; Jim Yong Kim, MD, PhD, President, World Bank; Janis Orlowski, MD, MACP Chief Healthcare Affairs Officer, Association of American Medical Colleges; Mai Pham, MD, MPH Director, Seamless Care Models Group at CMS Innovation Center; Lisa Simpson, MB, BCh, MPH, FAAP President and CEO, Academy Health; and John E. Wennberg, MD, MPH, Founder and Director Emeritus, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice.


Hill Visits

During the spring conference in Washington, DC, we took advantage of our location to share HVHC’sPanel message about the importance of value-based care. Members met with 23 Congressional legislators from seven states. Our 2017 Hill visit message focused on the following:

  1. Consider working with HVHC in a public-private partnership to understand the provider perspective as input to policy decisions – For example, HVHC convened a multi-disciplinary team from 12 healthcare systems to work side-by-side with CMS in considering radiologic appropriate use criteria as part of the Protection of Access to Medicare Act (PAMA). See next page for three examples of topics we would like to consider jointly with CMS to discuss based on our current projects and experience on the ground as providers.
  2. Make our most complex patients a priority when designing new payment models – While 5% of patients account for 50% of healthcare costs, current payment models are not designed for the most disadvantaged patients who need the most attention. HVHC is positioned to work with CMS to develop better risk adjustment methods for those complex patients and more appropriate reimbursement for providers caring for this population. We need your support to translate these recommendations into a workable and vetted new risk model that better captures the diversity of complex patients so large academic medical centers don’t pull out of Alternative Payment Models and the most complex patients are not neglected.
  3. HVHC is committed to ensuring that federal funding for health services research – The research that determines how to deliver the highest quality care and cures most effectively and efficiently – is supported and sustained by a dedicated funding stream distinct from the larger NIH budget.
  4. Protect mission of Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) – HVHC and its Members have worked closely with CMMI to generate nearly $500 million in savings to Medicare.

In addition to Hill visits, HVHC Members met with policy-makers from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to discuss our ongoing work with them related to payment modeling and reform.


Innovation Hour

This session allows Members to present innovative interventions from their home system to their colleagues, both showcasing new work and potentially sparking new projects for the Collaborative. These short, interactive presentations are one of the conference features Members most appreciate.


Population Health Summit

HPanelVHC Population Health leaders met to discuss areas within pop health infrastructure and management, and data and analytics with greatest potential for improvement across HVHC systems. Members presented on best practices that address challenges in pre-determined topics. Results of this Summit have resulted in the formation of a Population Health Affinity Group where pop health leaders continue to meet and share best practices.