“One of the great benefits of HVHC membership is the opportunity for shared learning from highly skilled and recognized institutions with a history and commitment to quality and safety.”

Dr. Angela Scioscia
Chief Medical Officer
UC San Diego Health System
“Having connections across the country, exposure to front end healthcare leadership, access to people thinking about the same issues and being able to discuss and solution together.”

Dr. Thomas MacKenzie
Chief Quality Officer
Denver Health
“HVHC is physician run and at the level of the physicians. It’s the people-on-the-ground’s engagement that makes the difference. . . . The voice of the patient through patient reported measures and the voice of the doctors who practice.”

Dr. James Weinstein
CEO and President

Partnering for Excellence

HVHC is a provider learning network committed to improving health care value through data and collaboration. To accomplish this, we:

  • Measure, innovate, test, and continuously improve value-based care.
  • Rapidly disseminate and facilitate adoption of proven high value care models across HVHC members and beyond.
  • Advocate for policy and payment models that support sustainable high value healthcare.

Member Benefits

  • Influence on national agenda of healthcare and payment reform through data-driven findings
  • Earlier knowledge on best practices rather than waiting for peer-reviewed publications
  • Access to shared materials, tools, and templates that would otherwise be created or purchased independently
  • Master Collaboration Agreement (MCA), including provisions for central IRB, data transparency, and shared resources
  • Inter- and intra-system comparative analytics combining Medicare and Member data
  • Academic opportunities through authorship, mentorship, TDI Fellowship opportunity
  • Peer-to-peer relationships and sharing knowledge and lessons learned (avoid “reinventing the wheel”)

Quantifiable ROI

  • $ saved from care improvement projects and alternative payment model preparation
  • $ saved from sharing cost in CMS data and analytics, rather than purchasing and analyzing independently
  • $ from Meaningful Use for those in the MU Specialized Registry
  • Physician time saved in completing and processing MOC credits paperwork
  • $ from sponsored funding (HVHC or Member-initiated)

The Value Proposition


HVHC hosts semi-annual conferences each Spring and Fall. These gatherings are highlights of the year, giving Members a chance to work face-to-face and share progress on a wide variety of projects. These meetings allow teams from every system to learn from one another, developing and maintaining the relationships with valued peers at the heart of HVHC’s collaborative work.


Collaborative Tools for Members

Vantage Reporting Portal

We have an interactive data and reporting portal where comparative reporting can monitor the impact of HVHC improvement projects across the collaborative along with member access to specific data marts for IRB-approved research.


HVHC Resource Portal

Members share materials and tools to support implementation of HVHC care models. Vetted by a multidisciplinary Technical Expert Panel, examples include training materials and videos, implementation guides, patient brochures, etc. The portal also includes a discussion board for Members peers to exchange ideas and answer questions about a variety of clinical topics.


Member Workspace

Member Workspace is a document sharing environment to support the efforts of the HVHC Board, Committees, and Project Teams.