Our Work

HVHC Peer-Reviewed Publications

    • “Decision Aid Implementation and Patients’ Preferences for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment: Insights from the High Value Healthcare Collaborative.” (Hurley V, Wang Y, Rodriguez H, Shortell S, Kearing S, Savitz L. Dovepress. January 2020)

    • “Identifying High-Cost Episodes in Lower Extremity Joint Replacement.” (Philpot L, Swanson K, Inselman J, Schoellkopf W, Naessens J, Borah B, Peterson S, Gladders B, Shah N, Ebbert J. Health Services Research. January 2018)

    • “The Effect of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program on Readmission and Observation Stay Rates for Heart Failure.” (Albritton J, Belnap T, Savitz L. Health Affairs. October 2018)

    • “Data Cleaning in the Evaluation of a Multi-Site Intervention Project.” (Welch G, Von Recklinghausen F, Taenzer A, Savitz L, Weiss L. eGEMS. December 2017)

    • “A Data Driven Approach to Achieving High Value Healthcare.” (Savitz L, Weiss L. eGEMS. December 2017)

    • “Dissemination and Implementation of Evidence Based Best Practice Across The High Value Healthcare Collaborative (HVHC) Using Sepsis as a Prototype – Rapidly Learning from Others.” (Taenzer A, Kinslow A, Gorman C, Sanders S, Patel S, Kraft S, Savitz L. eGEMS. December 2017)

    • “The Effect of The Hospital Readmission Reduction Program on the Duration of Observation Stays: Using Regression Discontinuity to Estimate Causal Effects.” (Albritton J, Belnap T, Savitz L. eGEMS. December 2017)

    • “A Framework for Aligning Data from Multiple Institutions to Conduct Meaningful Analytics” (Knowlton J, Belnap T, Patelesio B, Priest E, Von Recklinghausen F, Taenzer A. eGEMS. December 2017)

    • “The Truth is in the Data – Differences in the Same Measure Based on Different Sources among HVHC Members Using ICU Length of Stay as an Example.” (Von Recklinghausen F, Taenzer A, Gorman C, Knowlton J, Kinslow A, Russell R. eGEMS. December 2017)

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    • “The High Value Healthcare Collaborative (HVHC). A National Collaborative to Improve Value in Healthcare Delivery.” (Weinstein J, Nesse R, James B, Harrison M, Cosgrove D, MacKenzie T, Gabow P, Colacchio T, Weiss L, Weeks W. Health Affairs. June 2012)

Advocacy Efforts


    • “Alternative Payment White Paper.” (Rohack J, Poulsen G, Rosenthal T, Weinstein J. 2013)

    • “CMS Hospital Acquired Condition (HAC) Reduction Program.” (Weinstein J, Kraft S, Savitz L. 2014)

    • “AHRQ Patient Safety in Ambulatory Settings.” (Savitz L. 2015)

    • “CMS Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR).” (Sorensen L, Savitz L, McConville R, Mecklenburg R, Shively C, Lurie J, Noiseux N, Tomek I, Shah N, DeHart M, Schudd M, Mott J, Poulsen G. 2015)

    • “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) 2015.” (Shively C, Syrop C. 2015)

    • “Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) White Paper.” (Larson D, White K, James B. 2015)

    • “CMS Hospital Compare Star Rating Program.” (Conway P, Goodrich K. 2016)

    • “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) 2016.” (Nesse R, Shively C, McConville R. 2016)

    • “Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Learning Healthcare System.” (Savitz L. 2017)

    • “Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) 2018.” (Nesse R. 2017)

    • “National Voluntary Consensus Standards for Infectious Disease.” (Taenzer A. 2017)

    • “Episode Payment Models.” (Nesse R. 2017)

    • “Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Innovation Center New Direction.” (Nesse R. 2017)

HVHC Mentions

    • “Clinician Engagement for Continuous Learning.” (Platt R, Blake K, Franklin P, Gaziano J, Harrington R, Hernandez A, Kaushal R, Masica A, Nevin J, Rumsfeld J, Lopz M. National Academy of Medicine. March 2017)

    • “Pathways to Success for Multi-Site Clinical Data Research.” (McGraw D, Leiter A. eGEMS. 2013)

Sponsored Funding Final Reports

    • “High Value Healthcare Collaborative: Engaging Patients to Meet the Triple Aim” (Participating HVHC Members. Final Report, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation – Health Care Innovation Award (HCIA). 2016)

    • “High Value Healthcare Collaborative: Optimizing the Treatment of Septicemia and Sepsis through Implementation of Bundled Care” (Participating HVHC Members. Final Report, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation – Health Care Innovation Award (HCIA). 2016)

    • “Demonstrating Accelerated Dissemination & Implementation across HVHC and Beyond” (Taenzer A, Savitz L, Weinstein J. Final Report, Laura and John Arnold Foundation. 2017)

White Papers

    • “Importance of Nursing Leadership & Engagement for Successful Implementation of the Sepsis Bundle.” (Hiller T. February 2017)

    • “Scaling Up: A Report from the High Value Healthcare Collaborative Distance Learning Program for Decision Coaching.” (Clay C, Riley J. 2016)

    • “Improving Quality, Lowering Costs: Unleashing High Value Healthcare.” (Rohack J, Poulsen G, Weinstein J, Nesse R, James B, Savitz L. 2013)

    • “Demonstrating Accelerated Dissemination & Implementation.” (Savitz L, Gorman C, Weiss L, Taenzer A, Weinstein J. February 2017)

    • “HVHC Recommendations for SEP-1 Lactate Measurement.” (Freidman I. February 2017)

    • “Strengthening Access to High Quality Care for Complex Patients.” (Attendees of The Mayo Clinic and ASU Alliance for Health Care Summit. January 2017)

    • “The Road to Safe Care May be Paved with Unintended Consequences.” (Weinstein J, Kraft S, Savitz L. 2015)

In Progress

    • “Diabetes Ambulatory Visit Intensity Varies More by Health System than Level of Disease Control.” (Herndon M, Morton N, Gladders B. submitted for journal review)

    • “Hospital Resources to Facilitate the Provision of Palliative Care: Insights from the High Value Healthcare Collaborative.” (Dunlay S. submitted for journal review)

    • “Informed Treatment Decisions for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis through Shared Decision Making Within the High Value Healthcare Collaborative.” (Hurley V. submitted for journal review)

    • “Shared Decision Making in Routine Clinical Use May Not Result in Fewer Surgeries Among Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis Patients.” (Hurley V. submitted for journal review)

    • “Sharing Best Practices in Hip and Knee.” (Naessens, J)

    • “Outcomes with early fluid bolus in sepsis patients with congestive heart failure within the High Value Healthcare Collaborative.” (Taenzer A, Patel S, Allen T, Doerfler M, Park T, Park J.)