Clinical areas

The focus of HVHC’s work has been in the three clinical areas of Hip & Knee, Diabetes, and Sepsis and work teams have recently been formed to focus on Spine and Chronic Heart Failure.

hip & knee patient engagement

  • Preference Sensitive Shared Decision Making to offer patients “decision aid” videos describing the risks and benefits of hip or knee surgery versus non-surgical treatments and assess the patients preferences, values, and knowledge about their decision through web-based questionnaires
  • Length of Stay (LOS) Expectation Management to provide education and consistent messaging from all members of the care team that healthy patients (defined as have < 2 co-conditions) will be discharged from the hospital 2-3 days after their surgery
  • Multidisciplinary Pre-operative Clinic to provide patient education, discharge planning, and risk assessment prior to surgery
  • Consistent Operating Room Teams matching surgeons with the same scrub techs and other members of the OR team for most surgeries they conduct
  • Discharge Disposition to Self-Care to provide healthy patients with the expectation and training to go home and care for themselves after surgery (as opposed to home with home health visits or physical therapy visits).

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diabetes patient engagement

  • Complex patient management to provide care coordination, care planning, patient education, shared decision making, and motivational interviewing for diabetic patients with multiple comorbidities
  • Remote patient management to monitor patients with uncontrolled diabetes and proactively contact them by phone or email to manage their care
  • Depression screening to systematically screen diabetic patients for depression and take appropriate actions to ensure treatment for those who trigger a threshold depression score.

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sepsis improvement

  • Optimizing the treatment of septicemia and sepsis through implementation of bundled care interventions with improvement strategies

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