Improvement Targets

The goals of HVHC are to improve care, improve health, and reduce costs by identifying and accelerating widespread adoption of best-practice care models and innovative value- based payment model.

Improve care

  • >50% eligible patients referred to patient engagement interventions and >50% of referred patients/families participate in SDM intervention
  • Improve optimal adherence to sepsis bundled care by 5% (relative rate) over three years

Improve health

  • Improve health status measures (function, pain) for > 50% of patients considering hip, knee, and spine surgery at one year
  • Reduce the burden of chronic morbidity from sepsis-associated chronic organ dysfunction

Reduce cost

  • Reduce rates of surgeries (hip, knee, spine) and episode utilization resulting in 5% total cost reduction
  • Reduce ED visits and hospitalizations by 10% and reduce cost of annual episodes by 2% for complex patients with diabetes or CHF
  • Reduce number of patients with sepsis requiring long term acute care or sub-acute nursing care by 5%
  • Total $64M reduction in Medicare reimbursements over the three years