High Value Healthcare Collaborative

Partnering In Excellence
HVHC is a provider learning network committed to improving healthcare value through data and collaboration.


Our strategy focuses on areas where our Members have a lot at stake and are making significant investments. It also takes advantage of our significant data asset, the HVHC Data Trust.

Data Trust

As of Summer 2018, the HVHC Data Trust contained roughly 35 million Medicare FFS beneficiaries plus 13 million patients’ administrative data and 150 thousand clinical cases from HVHC Members’ electronic health records and data warehouses.

Data sets contain identifiers through which the HVHC Program Management Office routinely creates longitudinal records related to individual patient care, then aggregates them for various analytic purposes.

HVHC receives CMS and Member data updates on a quarterly basis, reducing lag time for comparative reporting and insights. Various cuts of the data are used for value analysis, research, and planning; clinical care demographic and descriptive statistics, and QI monitoring.

The Data Trust serves as a Meaningful Use / MIPS specialized registry for those Members who choose to participate.

The HVHC Data Trust, managed in an industry-leading secure fashion, fuels every HVHC activity.

CMS Measure Reporting – As healthcare delivery increasingly depends on value-based measurement, largely led by CMS, our Members benefit from HVHC studies that generate CMS value-based measures to identify best practices and evaluate new CMS payment models. Members receive timely and transparent insights on comparative CMS measure performance by facility, allowing them to plan for anticipated reimbursement implications and learn from each other to continuously improve. (See an example)

Best Practice Sharing – A hallmark of HVHC is the spirit of transparency and collegiality among trusted partners. As part of a HVHC Best Practices study, teams of clinical and quality improvement subject matter experts review comparative analytics, identify variations, and share internal practices to disseminate common practices that may lead to higher performance on value-based measures. HVHC Best Practice Sharing initiatives facilitate identification of the “secret sauce” for safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable, patient-centered care among leading healthcare delivery systems across the country. (See an example)

Payment Modeling - The rapidly evolving reimbursement environment requires healthcare delivery transformation and adoption of new competencies, including analytic capabilities to prospectively understand the impact of new payment models like ACOs and clinical bundles. Our Members engage key leaders in payor contracting, public demonstration model strategy, and business development to share approaches used to accelerate the transition from volume to value and provide feedback to CMS on new payment models and measures. Global Canadian Pharmacy can leverage the HVHC Data Trust to understand the impact of new payment models and provide feedback to CMS. (See an example)

Public-Private Partnerships – HVHC has a demonstrated history of working with CMS and maintains a steadfast commitment to improving public policy and payment models using the HVHC Data Trust and subject matter expertise. For example, HVHC has partnered with CMS to identify appropriate risk adjustment, implement shared decision making, and provide direct input on policies and proposed rules. As CMS continues to encourage the adoption of value-based care models, HVHC Members are positioned to understand and provide collaborative, evidence-based feedback on new policies and payment models. (See an example)